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How does Bio Resonance work? The Science bit...

Bio Resonance works on biophysics and the body’s natural energy fields. It looks at nutrition, toxic load, acidity, inflammation and metabolism.

By holding the sensors in each hand, the Bioresonance machine reads the signals emitted throughout the body to detect stressors. It amplifies weakened healthy signals and subdues pathological signals that the body is transmitting to help bring it back into balance.

The body is 60% water. Energetic medicine recognises that water molecules are polar. The presence of poles mean that water molecules act like tiny magnets and cluster together. Biophysics upholds that vast quantities of electro magnetic information are stored in these clusters and they can be built up or destroyed by bio resonant waves.

These clusters form around alien matter that enters the body and even if they are physically expelled, the water clusters can retain electro magnetic memory of its presence.

These memory traces can hold adverse responses to otherwise benign substances such as food or environmental toxins. This means that treatment information using Bio Resonance can be carried to the tissues using water to penetrate all parts of the body.

This is how homeopathy works.

Our bodies also absorb electro magnetic signals (radiation) from our environment via frequencies. Some can be beneficial, but the higher the vibration, the more readily the energy is absorbed by the body and the more damage it can do. These are undetected by our 5 senses.

Our bodily tissues act as semi conductors which transmit information around the body. When the cells are affected by a toxin, the communication can become distorted. This can reduce the ability of our cells to resonate or absorb substances which are beneficial to us like nutrients.

The Bio Resonance machine is programmed to detect frequencies emitted by every cell in the body. It detects healthy but weakened bodily signals and amplifies these to support the body’s own natural healing response and metabolic processes. It can also block those signals that are unhealthy, allowing the body to regulate itself, unhindered by pathological forces.

The machine reads these unhealthy signals, generates a mirror image and feeds these waves back to the body. (The same method as noise cancelling headphones) The harmful influence is reduced by breaking down the toxic engram.

Bio resonance machines can increase energy by improving the cells ability to uptake the oxygen they require for metabolism and energy generation. They can reduce the stress overload confronting the body’s defence mechanism. It helps improve those mechanisms to encourage the body to balance and provide support to overworked organs.

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