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Kinesiology. June

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiologists use muscle testing as their tool for finding out key information in the body. It’s a non intrusive technique which monitors the ability to hold a muscle against light pressure.

We look for changes in the muscle strength. Each muscle is related to an energy pathway called a meridian. Each meridian is associated with an organ. Each organ is related to a neurotransmitter.

If there is a chemical, emotional, structural or energetic stress affecting the body, the muscle will respond to this by going weak or ‘switching off’.

Each time a relevant factor is introduced, the muscle response changes, like a switch.

A strong muscle is switched on - if a toxin, chemical etc or some food suspected of an intolerance is placed within the electro magnetic field of the body, it can cause the muscle to go weak. This indicates an energy imbalance being caused by that food, toxin, chemical etc. Through muscle testing, we gather information in order to correct the imbalance with the right remedy solution as indicated by making the muscle strong again.

Using Kinesiology I can offer a bespoke testing facility unique to the individual

I follow the bio chemistry protocol of Chris Astill Smith, a renowned Osteopath for 48 years and founder of Epigenetics International Ltd. He is continuing the work of Dr Goodheart who developed Kinesiology in the 1960s.

Most illnesses are caused by a toxin or a nutritional deficiency.

Nature has provided very many herbs and spices but how do you know which ones are best for you and which combination of vitamins and minerals will work for you?

You really do get what you pay for with supplements and they can be expensive, but how do you know if you are absorbing them?

Even good, well recommended brands will use fillers like magnesium stearate or stearic acids. These are added to stop the pills from sticking to the machines during manufacture and ensure they glide through without problems. Unfortunately the same thing will happen inside of us. They just pass straight through!

Once upon a time we could get everything we needed from a healthy balanced diet.

Nowadays our soils are so depleted of nutrients from intensive farming and full of toxic metals and chemicals that we cant just rely on our food to get everything we need. Our bodies need a bit of extra help.

Getting the right combination is a complex science.

For example, in my experience with vitamin D; a fat soluable vitamin, (which many of us are deficient in during the winter months) needs to be in an oil solution to be absorbed. It also works in combination with two other fat soluable vitamins taken at the same time. We have a choice of four. Vitamin A,D, E or K. Give the body all four together and the strong testing muscle will go weak. Give the body the right combination of the three and the testing muscle will strengthen.

Another example is zinc in which most of us are very depleted. There are several different types. Which one is compatible to you?

What to expect during a treatment

We can find out a lot using kinesiology techniques without the use of expensive tests.

First we look to find the toxin and remove it. This can be a parasite, bacteria, chemical, virus, post virus, radiation, toxic metal or fungus.

We need to remove the toxic substances first because they could be causing infection, digestive intolerance etc
You may be unwittingly feeding parasites with your supplements. If you find you need a lot of magnesium then think parasites.

Then we look to replace the nutritional deficiencies. Reinoculate with probiotics. This helps the body to repair old tissue and regenerate new cells.

The body is always looking to re balance itself. We just give it a little helping hand.

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